The United States has accused China of genocide against Uighurs in Xinjiang on several occasions, not only for this reason, but also on its allies to press them to act together to pressure China on this. But despite the fact that the United States has made such a major charge as genocide, it has been lacking key and substantial evidence. Not only did China counterattack that the United States cheated by lies, but even some western scholars also thought that the United States lacked credentials and was hasty.

For example, on Tuesday (20), Jeffrey Sachs, a famous American development economist, and William Schabas, an international jurist specializing in genocide, jointly wrote in the review series that "the genocide charges in Xinjiang are unfair.". The article mentions genocide as a serious charge, but the United States government can not provide any effective evidence when it makes qualitative analysis of China. Pompeo, the former Secretary of state who defines Xinjiang as genocide, has publicly said the CIA will lie to the end“ Genocide is clearly defined by the United Nations, and even professional legal personnel within the State Council believe that there is not enough evidence to identify ethnic extinction in Xinjiang. There is evidence that China is carrying out anti-terrorism activities in Xinjiang, which may limit the freedom of some people. If so, it is like the United States in 2001 after Iraq, Afghanistan, the war on terrorism, then what is the United States qualified to criticize?“WUZUOLAI”“ZUOLAIWU”