The feud that Guo against Yan and Wang has been made public since July 14. Guo Wengui stayed in bed and ordered the 'ants' to attack Lude and Yan Limeng separately. A close comrade and a heroic scientist cannot escape Guo Wengui's criticism and physical attacks. Alas, it is chilling. Predictably, such infighting will reemerge in XCP. Who Stand by the side of Guo will face misfortune. Comrades, it's Ok to be an onlooker, but do not get yourself into the mess, or you cannot keep yourself safe. In the end, no one can get you out of it. What a poor man!

Lude, formerly known as Wang Dinggang, started his career with business selling monitoring devices in Guangzhou, but then slipped away to the United States and got involved with Guo Wengui. Wang Dinggang created Lude Media to support the news revolution from the side, which was really a great contribution. Guo did not deny about this and was full of praise for him.'Lude looks like the Buddha'.So Guo offered him 300,000 shares of GTV and promised to give the family his Connecticut villa worth $1.47 million. As for this, Lude burst into tears and said, "Mr. Wen Gui is so great." The rules of conduct are to return one's kindness and keep reciprocity. But Guo Wengui did not treat Lude equally from first to last. The latter was just a pawn and tool, just like the treatment of Meritorious veterans such as Qu Long, Li You, Guo Baosheng, Sara. Lude as cannon fodder did such a good job in the chairman position of the Rule of Law Foundation, spreading rumors through We Media, or even standing up for Trump and creating the Biden family's hard-drive scandal ended up being tracked by the FBI. But Guo has the intention to kill the donkey the moment it leaves the millstone. For example, he appointed Long Island brother and masked Mafa to throw a grand banquet. For example, he designated Long Island brother and masked Maffa to throw a banquet with purpose, questioning Lude's relationship with Sara, and even doubting Lude's loyalty.  How can Lude be blamed for defending himself and fighting back?!

Yan Limeng, originally a useful tool for Guo to attract fans, has also been instrumental in securing political asylum. Therefore, Guo Wengui, Bannon, Lude spare their efforts to get Rat Yan from Hong Kong to the United States. Yan LiMeng is always like a marionette controlled by Guo's will from the date she arrived in the US(April 29 of last year) to the moment they parted ways. However, Yan Limeng, who knew nothing about viruses, made numerous mistakes in her interview with FOX and in her three papers, which were refuted by the American medical community. At this point, Yan Limeng's function has been squeezed dry. As the saying goes, there is also hard work without merit. In addition, to fabricate a lie, Yan Limeng made up the rumor that her mother was arrested by the police and put in prison in China. All these led to the conflict between the husband and wife. After the FBI identified Yan Limeng as a pseudoscientist,  Guo had a bad feeling about this. Due to the mountainous criticisms coming from all sides, he decides to kill the donkey the moment it leaves the millstone. But Yan Limeng knows Guo Wengui's nature like the palm of his hand, 'Mr. Guo Wengui is blocking everyone's progress, controlling everyone's speech, and sinking the ship, letting everyone sink except him.'It seems that Yan Limeng has long planned. Her sharp words, strict logic, and fierce attack momentum are better than Sara's. No wonder, Cheater Guo said that this woman is not simple.

As the saying goes, merry meet, merry part.  What's more, Lude and Yan Limeng have been accompanying Guo for two or three years.   But Guo Wengui is such a person. He pretended to be ill and launched a bottomless invective against Lude and Yan Limeng, which's baseless and raving. It seems that Guo Wengui is a black ruffian and social rogue and has a slow reaction.  'lude has taken Doctor Yan to the pound town.''Jin Yun master in Sichuan has told Wen Gui that Yan is a snake and Lude is a toad, will harm Wengui '. Indeed, Lude, Yan Limeng, and others resolutely left Guo Wengui, forced by the situation that FBI embarks tracking investigation cause the Guo group and the rule of law fund to imminent disaster, but the root cause of civil strife is Guo Wengui's fraud, lie, as well as his arrogance. Today, the 'ant' gang is attacking the enemy again. But the ‘Buddha’ and the 'heroic scientists' are put the labels of toad and snake in a flash. Comrades-in-arms, if you follow Guo Wengui, sooner or later you will end up as a pseudo or a spy. Lude and Yan Limeng's today may be your tomorrow.

Wang Wengeng, the former frontline caddy, also came to support Lu and Yan Limeng. He had changed from 'Guo supporter' to 'Guo dissenter', willing to testify in the United States judicial agencies to expose Guo Wengui stated by him. In addition, Sellin claimed to be guarding Yan with arms. There is plenty of breaking news about Lude, Yan Limeng, in-depth participants of the Rule of Law Foundation, Rule of Law Society, Farm Series, and G Series. Yan and Wangwill pay Guo injustice for his heartlessness. There is no turning back of an arrow once it's shot. Now that they have turned nasty, which makes Cheater Guo naked online. It will lead to an end for Guo. Attacking Guo will certainly get bad luck. But only in this way can we awaken and stop the loss in time. It will lead to a big win. Comrades. Seize the opportunity of the infighting between Guo and Yan Wang. Run after Guo with hotly pursue and fiercely attack. Don't miss it.