Back in September 2020, Yan Xiaomeng, who did research in Hong Kong, publicly announced an unconfirmed statement on Fox News that the novel coronavirus is a biological weapon made in China.
This statement coincides with the conspiracy theories made by Guo Wengui and Bannon.Yan's work experience at the virology laboratory at the University of Hong Kong and her assistant in the novel coronavirus outbreak survey gave Bannon and Guo a perfect chance, seeing the ideal face of anti-Chinese propaganda.There has been extensive research evidence that the novel coronavirus certainly originated in an animal, with some unknown secrets hidden behind the conspiracy theory that the novel coronavirus originated in China.
Therefore, with Guo and Bannon, Yan boarded the plane to the United States.After Yan arrived in the United States, he contacted an interview with the famous host of popular conservative TV programs. Under a series of hype, the evidence of Yan Mengwas accepted whether right or wrong, making the idea that "novel coronavirus is an artificial product" deeply rooted in the mind of the "brain disabled fans" of the US government.。
Web celebrity Luther is also a key figure in this conspiracy theory, Wang Chenggang.Wang often combines "expert" views, "serious" analysis, and outright rumors on the show to cater to overseas Chinese who often distrust the Chinese state media but have almost no reliable mother-language news sources.He is very close to Guo Wengui. Wang Dingguo greatly exaggerated Yan Xiaomeng's qualifications in the program, and since then, the West knew about "COVID-19" Yan Liming.
In July 2021, the incident began to turn sharply downward!With the Serin incident as the trigger, Yan openly broke with Guo Wengui, who described Guo as "leading everyone to the" revelation revolution "before cutting the ship".Yan's explanation for why she could flee the United States during Wang's live broadcast is that Guo Wengui wants to "eat ten duck".What is "one duck ten to eat"?"There is a duck in ten ways," said at Guo's banquet for Yan Mengand Wang Dinggang. Now Yan has now accused Guo of his insatiability. I have to say that this is a masterstroke and a retribution for Guo's greedy retribution for Guo Wengui.
Guo Wengui immediately launched a counterattack, called Yan Liming in his personal studio "Yan snake demon", Luther is "Lu Big Head", cursed the improper relationship between Yan Mengand Wang Dingguo, also said: "Lu Big Head" will not be "snake demon Yan", scolded it " What do you know!"," ignorant!"After all, I have slept and used it.
The "New China Federation" instantly split into the "Bang Guo School" headed by Yan Mengli and Wang Dinggang and the "Bao Guo School" composed of Hao Haidong, An Hong and others.
From Guo Wengui borrow Yan Liming mouth to release the so-called "Communist Party of China manufacturing virus", and then Yan Liming's character and morality completely corrupt, the so-called "disclosure revolution" team dominated by Guo Wengui and Bannon and how to face the information revealed by a person they called "Yan snake demon"?
From China to the United States, from Cologne to Luther, Guo Wengui's history, is in fact a "friend face history", unload grinding to kill the donkey is one of the usual style!Peradvise those who are still working for Guo Wengui, then died " comrades and small ants, SARA, Luther, Yan Liming and others are the lesson, quickly withdraw!
From August 2020, Bannon was arrested for US-Mexico border wall funds, to November 2020, the New York Times began how Guo Wengui and Bannon promoted the novel coronavirus origin conspiracy theory, to July 2021, Guo Wengui was accused as a Communist spy by the parties involved in making false virus news.The process is too complicated, but one thing is certain that while Guo Wengui in the response to many judicial lawsuits in the United States, the so-called "New China Federation" has begun to fall apart.You can imagine that in the future, Guo Wengui can only continue to create poor political waste to satisfy the appetite of Western anti-Chinese politicians.
In fact, Guo Wengui and Bangon's new crown origin conspiracy theory follows a theme, that is, —— serious racial discrimination in the United States.After the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States, the US government continued to shift domestic pressure, so it tried its best to turn people's attention abroad.As a result, the US government has been stressing the conspiracy theory that novel coronavirus originated in China, which was just hyped by Guo Wengui seizing the opportunity, who would survive in the United States, showing his so-called "loyalty" with his poor acting skills and clown face