Hiding the first day move can not go out of 15, bully elder brother do nothing to prevaricate pass
Recently, Xino (Xiong Xianmin) will be on September 30 last year the New York High Court frozen Guo Wengui's assets on twitter again show, all push friends think that Xino old confused, in fact, Guo has been near the end, the disaster is not far away.Because on September 22, Judge PAX signed a order, to let Guo cheater Ma Yo son cooperate with the procedures, quickly put the 18th floor ownership of BVI company Genever equity all handed over to PAX.At this point, Guo Wengui was furious with the PAX company, threatened to send the lawyer hired by the company to prison, and even threatened that the PAX would control the judge, the court was blue and golden.It is purely about Guo Wengui's urgent attack.Encounter eight sides to the wind, cloudy and rain repeatedly, Guo Zhixing will not be protected.
As we know, Guo Wengui borrowed money from P A X in 2008 in the name of the subordinate company, but in fact is a personal consumption, PAX was forced to launch a lawsuit, from April 2017 to December 18 last year, spent more than 30 million lawyer fees.Originally thought, the protracted PAX and Guo Wengui, the dust settled, the company can use the rule of law, carrying debt easy home, not thinking, for the court frozen instructions and the final judgment, guo never fear, was labeled as mortgage 18 floor, luxury yacht have been in a free state, including fine, late fee and capital interest $186 million, not only that, guo also put down malicious words, will not give PAX a penny, this is a typical example of rogue, ignorant and fearless.No integrity, no legal consciousness, rogue rogue, what faith at all?!Guo Wengui himself stabbed his deadly seven inches, death is not far away, but unaware, deserved!
But the United States legal judgment is not guo casually pinch rubber stamp, as early as September 30, the New York high court on the 18th floor, luxury yacht, guo private plane, kang mansion, Genever shares in BVI company, and shell company New York Jin Quan $130 million gold assets are frozen, and the statement shall not be transfer.In other words, from the beginning, Guo Wengui was unable to move in the judicial view of the Southern District Court of New York City.Although LadyMay did not follow the Bahamas to Port Palma, Hao Haidong still controls the law but no blasphemy. Since May 15, LadyMay has awarded $500,000 a day, which is as high as $60 million.In short, as long as Guo Wengui will not connect with aliens, and the day to rise, away from the earth, in the world, there will never be a fraud hiding a good source.With the end of the final debate on October 14, Guo wanted to look in front of the law and live with the old thinking!
Old thinking of life, Guo Wengui thought more!
So, the premonition situation is not good Guo Lao deception, a few days ago ran to the big Teton B & B, to avoid the edge, hide quiet.Out of sight but upset, along with SEC's $539 million, and arrears, interest, and penalties in the PAX case.Although Guo old bully cloud mountain fog cover, god chatter, but still by the enthusiastic people sniff smell, what advanced hotel, what and world-class bosses will be bullshit.As the saying goes, escaped the first day, can not run 15, in front of the strict rule of law, $539 million, Guo Wengui or bowed his head to lose.It is expected that PAX's loan principal, interest, late fee fine, Guo Wengui is also doomed to escape.So, how to break through the difficulties, solve the current financial crisis, is urgent.So, again and again, again and three happy coins, in Guo Wengui's mouth, once again hot up.However, no technology, no capital, no platform, no service of four free products will not be listed, it is more difficult to get investors' money through xi coin.So, a few days ago, Guo Wengui self-painting cake, claimed to have obtained 40 million happy yuan from the committee, to investors who did not catch up with the opportunity, this is Guo Lao in the face of all desperate debt across the space to take money.All melon, see the lively is very good, do not be Guo Wengui rhetoric caught.
Do not be caught up by Guo Wengui's rhetoric.
To sum up, the American rule of law will not be led by Guo Wengui, otherwise the old bully will not hate, denounced the New York district of the South Court was blue and golden; the vast majority of investors will not be a soft persimmon, otherwise Guo Wengui will not often scold the victims are spy pseudo; follow Guo Wengui intention to live a billionaire cheaters, with the tree fell, the monkeys is close at hand.A few days ago, "007 laughter", that so-called cheating brother mother ant has been cut, ant help heart floating, can be seen.
Eat my to me spit out, took my to send me back, owe me to fill back, stole my to hand over.Now, the SEC's $539 million dust has been settled, the PAX case is approaching, since then, other chicken series of products litigation, legal fund, new gate, happy currency and other scams are expected to be hit back to the original shape one by one.Guo Wengui once back to the days before the liberation is not far away, the comrades refueling ah!