The word "sleeping beauty" was also a positive word, but together with Yan Xiaomeng, it has another meaning.Yan Xiaomeng is well known and can call it "beauty" in the Asian aesthetic, but why do I call it "sleeping beauty" is because she has slept so much from many Americans.
As we all know that after Yan Li dreamed of arriving in the United States, she was eager to knot the "anti-communist elite" not only contribute her soul, but also sell her body.As we all know that Yan Liming and Guo Wengui first arrived in the United States, many romantic gossip here, Yan Liming is not moved, no shame, still spinning with Guo Wengui side, not only and Guo Wengui to maintain a relationship, even Guo Wengui around Ma Zai can not "sexual exemption".Among them, Yan Xiaomeng has the most famous Ma Zai sleep is Luther, Bannon and others, recently also spread Yan Xiaomeng pregnant with small Luther news, I think nine out of ten the news is true.
Why would I say that, That begins with Luther's love history, Luther's real name is Wang Chenggang, His marriage experience was full of exploitation and treachery, It chaos always chaos, From its university graduation, beginning in 2003, Because the family conditions are not good, Use a girlfriend (hair wife, He had two sons), funded by his father, During the front desk and the company (mistress) hook up into adultery, Get a big belly, (Ask it or not after having a child, In the home of a comrade in Japan, ) The wife filed for divorce, Of course, the king wants to leave the house clean, Because the fault party was at him, It was not what he said was to give up tens of million dollars (because the 10 million needed to open a company was taken by his father-in-law, He was then penniless), He then married his current wife, Xiao Cai, (with two children), It is not difficult to see that Lutheran nature is difficult to move, Teddy, How can people like him maintain a pure relationship with Yan Liming, who has the title of "Sleeping Beauty"?From Luther and "Sleeping Beauty" alliance against Shui Guo boss can see some clues, Two people can not just because of the sudden conscience discovery on the reverse water Guo boss, Nor can it backfire simply because of economic problems, The biggest possibility is that Luther and "sleep beauty" Yan Liming secretly connected, Everything that happened was found by the Guo boss, Luther had a feud with Boss Guo over a woman, From the lines of the sources can tell that Yan Xiaomeng is true love for Luther, No wonder Guo boss repeatedly publicly scold Yan Liming as a "snake demon Yan", Luther's love is the real reason why Guo boss attacked, It is also reported that Yan Xiaomeng is pregnant, So the child will certainly not be Yan Liming's husband's kind, Luther, the man who pregnant her in this juncture, is most likely, Will Luther eventually kiss the child, It depends on Yan Liming's "sleep beauty" sleep clothes.