The winter solstice has passed, Guo Wengui's life into the cold winter, high debt, litigation repeatedly sentenced repeatedly defeated, domestic assets were seized, simply break the drum not afraid of ten thousand people beat, a brother is a rogue brother afraid of who posture.With the bankruptcy of xi coin, lying flat coin also did not have the below, the song also does not sing, the dance also does not dance, "chicken turn over" a chicken feathers difficult to turn over, it can be said that is 18 tricks neat and uniform online.Leek did not cut to, only cut a lonely.The end of the year is approaching, in order to buy some New Year goods, Guo Wengui repeat the old trick, to the gate and "chicken taste" eyebrow painting lips, pink ink on stage.In the studio, Guo claimed that gate had more downloads than tu, and the views of "chicken odor" also created a world miracle.Clear eye people a look will know, "bully elder brother" this is for the ants across the air painting cake, temptation "comrades" to take out the last instant noodles investment, for its life.
Before the "chicken taste" private equity case dust settled, SEC will be a 539 million final fine to the "happy king", also will "chicken taste" fraud truth in front of ant fans.In other words, SEC issued a ticket, is Guo Wengui personally admitted his fraud, the lot of evidence, just a pen to give it a "surprise".But wen-gui guo fraud heart is not dead, a day does not cheat, uncomfortable, falsely will "chicken smell" move, so "chicken smell" in a cloud, but also is deserted, less than three hundred thumb up, or the result of the operation of ants, one thousand blow is lost inside the pheasant platform, anyway, self-deception, also can't stop the end of broken.And its fraud has long been thoroughly skinned, before Trump's own social media platform operation, let Ant fans clearly see that the "bully brother" gate has no investment value, but also blew out the flame of Wengui use of the "Trump entry" lie to enhance the temperature of gate.
Guo Wengui in order to recover the gate's decline, recently in the studio crazy to cover Terry water, exaggerated download nothing more than new bottles of old wine, take the opportunity to cut a wave of leek plug a huge debt hole.Everyone knows that "Guo gate" is just a "fancy shelf", the number of registered accounts, fans and views are all Guo Wengui black box operation, more ridiculous is no security measures, easily taken by hackers, the user is running naked, shoddy, from head to foot are a capital "cheat".Now its domestic assets were seized by the Dalian court according to the law, the US PAX case has not been repaid, SEC is also King Kong angry, poor Guo Wengui can not even pull out a turtle hair to ask what senior engineer to maintain.It can be seen that the "Guo Lord" personally built the fraudulent gate platform, has no advantage to enter, so crazy fraud, to build a grand mirage for ant powder, cheat money has reached the point of envy.Lu Yao know horsepower, popularity, guo played the guise of the "revolution", no bottom line "leek", let the ant powder is heavy debt, heavy wife ion destruction, its despicable behavior is angry, how rhetoric is salty fish on the board, turn is impossible, the pan is not pick up leakage.Moreover, ant powder production investment currency also was "guo" forced "currency and lock" for three years, ants pocket a son, pie again, can only smell, as to unlock, let the ants quickly cash, everyone realize wealth freedom taste, is not investment, also don't need to "bully brother" sell to that piece of two, not when what "international supermodel", live with goods.
Now, with the betrayal of Sara, countless ant fans wake up and take up legal weapons.And the embattled "happy king" once again for the "chicken taste" and "Guo gate" fake money, is completely the last earn before dying.FBI and SEC and other US regulatory and law enforcement departments on the Guo cheat gang net, such an opportunity ants must not miss, should be brave to join the "gong hit Guo" team, collect evidence to actively report, recover the loss to the greatest extent, a kick this human curse into prison.Keep in mind that stick Guo will mold, stick Guo will die, away from the blast turtle is out of the sea of suffering, such as temporary greed upper body, is to help Zhou for evil, become Guo cheater fraud on the road martyr, cry sad zai!