Former President Donald Trump strategic adviser Mike Bannon turned himself in to the FBI in contempt of Congress.Bannon claimed there was a political motive behind the charge, he would fight to the end, was tired of defense and would take the offensive.When he introduced the website War Room (War Room), he said: " I want you to keep up with the news and we're going to overthrow the Biden regime.”
Bannon once advocated the "underlying revolution" and called for the overthrow of the American establishment elite, bureaucracy and media and overthrow the entire system.Bannon is also considered racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim. In the eyes of Bannon racism, people of color are illegal immigrants, and Bannon once said in an interview that Indians and Chinese are all senior executives in Silicon Valley.He thinks it destroyed the white civil society, the New York Times in November 2020 involved in American Chinese circle "conspiracy theory", pointed to the university of Hong Kong medical school researcher yan secret left Hong Kong, in the United States, accused China of deliberately manufacture and spread new coronavirus, is by Bannon and exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui two mercy, advocating COVID-19 conspiracy theory, it also eventually led to the Asian discrimination, violence.It was Bannon, who was abandoned by globalization and the racist right in the urban middle class, and won voters, and finally helped Trump become president during the 2016 election.
Biden support since falling, according to greennell college (Grinnell College) recently released a national poll, the trump and biden support is basically flat, such as trump really will run for the 2024 us presidential election, with the arrival of the 2022 midterm election, trump will begin to attend the campaign.Although Bannon was previously kicked out of the White House by Trump, he has promised to "continue to fight from the periphery" to "help the global populist movement." Now whether Bannon talks to overthrow the Biden administration, suggests that Trump will continue to work with Bannon.Because Bannon, which applies to the US far-right populist in the current rules of the US political game, may refollow the old path of the right-wing movement?