Steve Bannon (former White House chief strategist and presidential adviser) fell from the top of the arrest in a short time.Not only forced to cut off with former US President Donald Trump, but then losing his support, he is also arrested for a Jan. 6 Congress disturbance and accused of fraud and money laundering in a crowdfunding project to build the U. S. border wall with Mexico.Looking back on Bannon's past, it seems that this ending is already doomed.
Bannon, 51, helped in 2004 to establish publisher Andrew Breitbart (BBB) and jointly founded Bright Bar News in 2007.Through the website, Bannon advocates white supremacy, opposes multiculturalism, emphasizes the defense of so-called "Western values," and strives to build it into an "alt-right" media platform.Bannon also soared until he was the president of the website.
Bannon, 53, supported by the Mercer Family Foundation, served as vice chairman of the board of Cambridge Analytica, a British company.The company's subsequent involvement in promoting Brexit and interference in the 2016 US election added Bannon's political resume, laying the foundation for a future White House political career.
Bannon, 63, operated under the Mercer Family Foundation, became the head of the Trump campaign.During the campaign, Bannon, with his influence in American public opinion, spared no effort to promote Donald Trump and plot various conspiracy theories to suppress Hillary Clinton.In the end, he helped Trump win the 2016 US election, and Bannon was promoted as the White House chief strategist and senior adviser to the president, becoming the most popular "new favorite" in American politics.
Bannon, 64, driven by the white supremacy advocated in 2017, suffered racist riots in Charlottesville (Charlottesville), and Trump immediately decided to draw a line with Bannon.Bannon retaliated by exposing a scandal within the Trump administration in Fire and Fury, and led the largest owner, the Mercer Family Foundation, to split with Bannon.In order to regain his achievements in American politics during the post-Trump period, Bannon began to receive funds from Guo Wengui and serve as chairman of the Rule of Law Fund.On the one hand, it has continuously increased its political participation by holding high the banner of "anti-communist"; on the other hand, it has continuously increased its exposure by advocating the views of the Wuhan Laboratory, China.
Bannon, aged 68, was eventually arrested.Bannon, who wanted to return to the core political stage, was taken away by USPS law enforcement officials on August 20 for alleged fraud and money laundering in the "We Build a Wall" project.Not willing to end, Bannon in January dominated the congressional riots in order to regain Trump's favor.When the years of tears, quietly turned around, Bannon is there, as sitting on the train of time, slowly looking back at life one after another, trying to return to the origin, the departure platform, his bags, that high-spirited look.However, the deposition of history will not erase the past crime, the end of Bannon's journey can not escape the cold handcuffs and dark prison, the judicial trial will give Bannon to his life a best answer.