Guo Feng turtle recently fell ill again, and want to suck the blood of ants again.Gate downloads and chicken body views, cowhide blowing loud, this is the cake prepared for the ants, naked rumors, live blood sucking!But all a thinking can see, as "false, big, empty", "cheat, cheat" image spokesperson guo blast turtle, by rumors, bragging, pie, fraud is emerging, lying, rumor addiction, death "beast" nature, shut up how to cheat, mouth is for money, and he once said, all big words, are fake, eventually continue to make gimmicks, scam ignorant ants collect its money, squeeze its sweat, small ants or wake up, to prevent "two empty", "family ruin" for good.
Guo blast turtle crazy boast invested hundreds of millions of dollars of chicken odor, trying to exaggerate hundreds of millions, even to the ants claim chicken odor worth dollars, belong to the world's first-class media companies, but chicken odor is plague turtle fraud ants important props, the stormy chicken odor website now fell to the Mariana Trench, valuation is only $20000, even revealed chicken odor advertising daily income is not enough to buy two burgers.So in this case, Guo Feng turtle this shameless cheater is still advocating to the small ant chicken appreciate the real heart is obvious, is the virtual shake small ant, is to deceive the small ant to continue to invest, but also to let these ignorant believers continue to follow him!
Non-toxic occasionally, blast turtle desperately boast on behalf of the social platform is "using cutting-edge technology, 20% stronger than push, potential users billions" gate, it on the first day of the release by network hackers, easily get its core source code, security measures, its no protection measures for user information, equivalent to streaking, even simple encryption, anyone can watch user information, such grass team, was blast turtle boast to download into other platforms of social software, is actually a copied fake.And blast turtle repeatedly fake its download, pull tiger skin banner, play digital game, put only hundreds of residual powder platform data after background modification, disguised as millions of download views to cheat ants, so break the bottom line, blatant exaggerated fraud, I'm afraid only the blast turtle this shameless, ruined scum can do out.His purpose of creating this beautiful myth is nothing more than to attract ants in order to cheat money and contribute their blood and sweat.
These play bad tricks, by Guo Feng turtle round and again to play, and there is a big market reason is not worth the ants thinking about?In fact, it is nothing more than to believe in the plague turtle those ghost words, was blinded by the blast turtle tricks, lost the reason, to those wearing a gorgeous coat lie temptation.Ant letter to see clearly Guo Feng turtle's real face, in addition to assets, huge debt debts and so on, he has what, also only Wolf heart dog lung and letter mouth female yellow?So can you still believe the plague turtle?Can he still invest in what he called a project?Is there still possible that those changing scams can be believed in?If the ants wake up in time, do not believe his lie, and refuse to invest, then are there any use for his flashy tricks?Can he still deceive more people?
Facts already clear, in front of the iron fact, let the blast turtle how tongue can not cover his big play fake gate download and advocate the fact of chicken appreciate views, silly ants must see guo rich, evil ugly nature, only to recognize the cheater, draw the line, refused to invest, can be safe.