On The 20th, a powerful media showtime Vice in the United States broadcast an interview with reporter Isobel Yeung on the 18th floor.The issue, titled Guowengui's misinformation Campaign (Guo's false intelligence campaign), reveals the crimes committed by the Red Pass fugitive, including spreading rumors of COVID-19, manipulating the US election, cracking down on harassment and harassing dissidents, and fabricating high-return fraud against investors.The reporter showed the pile iron evidence and facts let the unspeakable Guo Wengui angry, when the reporter asked the key questions, even lost reason, began to shrew scold the street, and repeatedly threatened the reporter to take her to court.After the video spread, Guo Wengui, who was eager to extinguish the fire and cover it up, arranged nearly six hours of distorted and cunning live broadcast, and ordered his dog legs to edit and upload various small videos about the interview at that time.In less than a day, Ant Gang's secret translation team has made several small videos to interview reporter Isobel Yeung and spread them widely on gate.Look at the speed and efficiency of Guo Wengui this action will know, showtime Vice's interview thoroughly poked Guo Wengui's pain!
Shown in the full show released by Showtime Vice's official channel, SHOWTIME@Showtime, The evidence and witness testimony have confirmed that Bannon and Guo were behind the Capitol riots, When the reporter asked why he made up a completely unconfirmed story live broadcast, When smear the Communist Party and manipulating the US election, instant black face Guo cheat first in the reporter talking when the eyes kept turning, Then in the answer kept quickly to the lower right aim, the body back contraction, hands have no place to put, These are obvious physical manifestations of people when lying, The answer to the question, Instead, he directly cursed showtime Vice as a rogue media, Is a liar or a garbage, Direct let the reporter used to big scenes to laugh and cry.Then when the reporter to Teng Biao as an example, asked the thief action harassment of dissidents, extremely guilty Guo Wengui half a day only suppress a "this is nonsense", also funny asked the reporter "who sent you"?And said it would Sue reporters for spreading rumors.It seems that after years of practice, Lord Guo has applied pseudo and entanglement tactics to the extreme.But he forgot that in the 2020 Vanilla Mountain campaign, reporters asked the ants "come here to protest"?Ant character's round answer is, "We come here to protest against the fake lawyer Teng Biao. When Mr.Guo Wengui repeatedly mentioned these names in his live broadcast, we found out."There is no doubt that these ant cockroaches, who have harassed the people many times, are the followers of Guo Wengui's deception!
The most intense moment in the whole interview must be when Isobel Yeung mentioned Guo Wengui's high return on investment products.Reporter just opened a head "a lot of investors said......", investment two word, guo will immediately disconnect, and repeat "you are completely lying, you must be lying, you 100% in lying" to confuse the public, its panic to the extreme heart does not allow the reporter, subconsciously stop the original communication between the two sides, in order to resolve the problem cannot justify its dilemma.But the reporter firmly asked everyone want Guo Wengui positive answer question "many investors they were promised high return, invested in your various projects", but we are doomed to wait for Guo Wengui's answer, Guo cheated present lawyer said "he cannot answer any questions about investors or assets" blocked back.However, this also just proves that, compared with other crimes, Guo Wengui is most afraid of reporters to mention is the return on investment!Then he admitted that he currently has 60 or 70 cases under trial, and threatened reporters to ignore their mouth, the next case is likely between the two of them.Throughout the interview, compared with Isobel Yeung's always humble or confident attitude, Guo Wengui's threatening face completely tore up the gentlemanly mask he has been boasting.
It is worth noting that in the film "Guowengui's misinformation Campaign", the word cult meaning an extremely dangerous terrorist organization is used to reveal Guo Wengui's true hidden evil face.Is being cheated Guo bone marrow still at a loss do not know the little ants, Please move to the official showtime Vice channel SHOWTIME@Showtime to watch the full video, If you can't watch the full movie because showtime Vice is a toll channel, You can also follow JieGuo Jun (JieGuo series) @jieguojun852 to watch the full video he forwarded, You will find that compared with Guo Wengui, Vice is the CPC big publicity media, Isobel Yeung, who had conducted field investigations in Xinjiang and was a war correspondent in Yemen, despised it as a bought blue and gold, The evidence shown by showtime Vice is truly justified and cannot be questioned!