To say that the two parties in the United States are fierce, the new American House of Representatives McCarthy announced its visit to Taiwan, and the establishment of anti -Chinese settings to obtain more support. What is Guo Wengui's hard work? Hearing McCarthy to visit Taiwan, Guo Wengui was excited. He said that he was the Tao in the live broadcast, as if the United States and China were taken over by him. The expression attitude was really unbearable. I believe he is an excellent comedian.
Then again, Guo Wengui's desire to perform could not hold back. Since 2018, he has made a program of "Guo Wengui Watching the Spring Festival Gala", and it is improvised every year. Just look at it, the content of the "breaking news" in the show is like lines and scripts. From time to time, he read the manuscript. If he forgot what to say the next sentence, he started to make up. Per capita is not suitable to watch. He worked very hard. He held it every year and persisted for 4 years. The cold rice was fried 4 years ago.
Last month, he announced that his father had died for three weeks. He did it, but few people knew what he was doing in the past three weeks. After the first episode of "comeback", he talked with him, his face was full of spring breeze, and his beard could not stop his "excitement". Did you prepare the "Spring Festival Gala" performance in 2023 in the past three weeks?
As we all know, Guo Wengui is an internationally wanted criminal. He could have found a hidden place to hide, but chose to expose himself on the social platform. From this aspect, his backstage was very "hard". People, even if this person is full of lies and nonsense, they still welcome. But Guo Wengui is smarter than "these people". He firmly seizes the opportunity to settle in the upper level of the United States and make a dog licking dog at a critical moment so that he can stand firm in the United States. Former Trump consultant Bannon was undoubtedly taken by him. The current Guo Wengui, in the idea of playing McCarthy, is closed and closed, but the Americans are so stupid? Too naive, just use each other. Our audiences also look at the performance, and it is enough to smile.